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Would an Unlocked Cell Phone Work for You?

If you have been looking for a new phone, the choices on the market can overwhelm you. What would be the difference in buying a new phone as opposed to buying an unlocked cell phone? This type of cell phone has many benefits that most people are not considering in their purchase. That’s where we come in!

What are the Benefits of Having an Unlocked Phone?

It’s important to pay attention to network compatibility when purchasing a new device. If you have purchased a phone from a company such as AT&T, you will have noticed that you are unable to switch to Verizon with this same phone. The company has installed a special code to “lock” you within their system. A tremendous benefit of using an unlocked phone, is that all you need to do is switch an active SIM card to use the Carrier of your choice. There are no special codes to block your changes!

Would Purchasing a Refurbished iPhone Save Me Money?

Your answer is “Yes!” But can you rely on the quality of the product? As most of you already know, Apple makes some very good products, and they are top in technology today. However, that also comes with a large price tag, and if you are looking for quality and good value, search no further!


Radio Hospital has all the quality products at your disposal with a price that is affordable! We carry all the top name brands that you will find on-line when you research refurbished iPhones.

Buying a Used Cell Phone?  Is that Smart?

When you consider all the products available, why purchase “used”? We have been paying higher prices for new cell phones in the past few years, that is why we believe that you can have a product of equal quality as the new, at a much more affordable price!

Do You Desire a New Cell Phone, But Cannot Afford the Current Prices?

Your dilemma with buying “used” cell phones is no longer a problem! We have made your phone purchase simple and innovative with features that you would have with a brand new cell phone! Our catch? We want to offer you the most affordable device that will deliver the best service for a “cheap” price!
We can offer you an affordable device without the hefty cost! Your next cell phone will accommodate all the features you desire!

Unlocked Phones - GSM vs. CDMA

If you have been thinking about buying unlocked phones for yourself and your family, you might have noticed that the description of these devices typically classifies them as "GSM" or "CDMA." But what do these phrases mean? And how will they impact your purchasing decision?

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